Two Step

I cherish the mornings that I have with Jack.  Before everyone wakes up and starts rustling papers, warming breakfast and asking where their cell phone went.  Just the sun, Jack and I in our jammies and the few minutes of cuddle time that we have when we first come downstairs.  Everything in the world seems to come to a halt as he looks up at me with his big blue eyes as if I am the greatest thing since sliced bread.  I live for these moments.

This morning began the same way, with a late start from my Mom after her chemo yesterday, and Jack stood up and decided to walk two steps towards her.  His balance still isn’t perfect, but the happiness in his face and in my Mom’s face were so perfect in that moment.  She was thrilled to be a part of this little feat of his.  Jack was also very pleased with himself, nonetheless.

Not sure if we can count those as “first steps” since he only did them once and was shaky as he did it, but it was great to see him try!  🙂


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