The Little Prince- Jack’s First Birthday Party

It’s a little late, but its better than never.

When Jack woke up on his birthday, it was clear that I was about 10 times more excited than he was.  He celebrated on his actual birthday with friends of the family and his actual family, but the big celebration came on Saturday, December 11. (His birthday is December 9)

If you haven’t read The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, please do yourself a favor and buy a copy.

Jack’s bedroom in Philly was themed after The Little Prince, and I have always loved the book for the simple story that it tells.  We do own the pop-up book, and Jack has always enjoyed reading it with us.

So, naturally, we decided to throw a first birthday/The Little Prince themed party.

My first place to go was to my friend Pam’s Etsy shop (AnnouncingAMiracle) to see if she would be willing to design custom invitations, etc… for the party.  As always, she did a beautiful job and made these for me:

She did beautiful cupcake toppers and hanging decorations to bring all of the rooms in.

Party Tags:

And Pam was creative enough to select printable (and edible ink) stickers to adhere to the paper plates that we used that were also part of the theme.

Jack also shares a birthday with my sister’s roommate Chris, aka Uncle Chris, so of course they had shirts made to commemorate the occasion.

Jack enjoyed opening his gifts and playing with the kids at the party.  It’s amazing how much more he is walking, especially when there are children around.  I guess that he is always trying to keep up with the big kids.

When it came time to sing and enjoy cupcakes, Jack was loving every second, especially the cupcake part!

Some extras that I made/added to the party were flood icing custom designed star cookies, a First Year Photo Book on to show to guests and so that they could write a message to Jack.  I had a caterer bring food, because it was just easier and worth every penny in my opinion.  Cookies and cupcakes were made by me and with my Aunt’s famous icing recipe, they were all great!!

All of the children went home with cookies in a bag with a great favor tag on each bag:

We had a great time at the party and were so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family to celebrate with.

For more photos and information about the party, click here for a follow-up post.

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