Fun at the Park

Since we had a wedding right outside of NYC on Saturday night for two dear friends of ours, it was already in the plans to have an easy and carefree Sunday.

Chris was gracious enough to let me sleep in until 9:45 while he got up with the baby and got the day rolling.  (Every extra minute of sleep was glorious!!)  When we finally got it together, we realized that the weather was quite mild for January (45*) and decided to head to the park where we took these awesome pictures with our new Nikon.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Jack was completely thrilled to be outside and back on the swings.  He walked as fast as he could to them and once he was in the swing, he kept smiling and taking the feeling in.  How amazing it is to watch him enjoy something so much as a swing in the park.

The slide however, not so thrilling.  Chris even mentioned how cold and uncomfortable it is.  Maybe this spring, we can give the slide another chance.


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