Jack’s Birth Story, A Year Overdue

After reading Suzanne at Bebehblog‘s beautiful birth posts while she had Sweet Caroline, it got me thinking about Jack’s Birth story.  While thinking back through the day, I realized that I am starting to forget some of the wonderful things about Wednesday, December 9, 2009.

The story of Jack’s birth day was actually supposed to be on December 3.  From 20 weeks in my pregnancy on, my OB group said that I would not be able to deliver vaginally because of a large fibroid that is growing on my uterus and blocking the exit.  Although I was upset, I came to terms with my birth.  A Baby Story was running on repeat on my DVR and I longed to be able to feel all of the aches and pains of a natural delivery, but I understood that it was best for the baby.

The day before my C-section, my Mom came down to Philly, my in-laws were flying in from California for the birth and I sent Chris off to work.  My Mom accompanied me to the ultrasound to see where they were going to perform the C.  The ultrasound doctor came in and told me that he saw no medical reason any longer for me to have a C section.  I damn near fell off the table.  If I woke up with my head sewn into the carpet, I couldn’t have been more surprised than I was that minute.  After a quick lunch with Chris and my Mom to break the news, I headed home with my head in a fog.

We spent the next week trying every wives tale to get me to go into labor.  My in-laws and my Mom extended their stays and we got to spend some nice quality time with each other.  The decision came from the doctors that the baby was rather large (estimated 10lbs at the ultrasound) and my best chance of giving birth vaginally would be following an induction.

Last belly photo before heading to the Hospital

I was induced with Cervadil at 7:30pm on December 8 with hopes that it would jump start my labor and bring my contractions closer together.  We slept the whole night with only a little change, so at 9am, they broke my water and started me on pitocin to rev it up and MAN did it ever!

Around 11am, I was breathing through the very strong contractions and progressing normally.  My nurse said that the floor was hopping that day, and that if I wanted an epidural, it was now or never.  So, in came the anesthesiologist with the epidural.  I don’t remember it hurting or being afraid of the needle.

After the epidural, we invited my Mom and my In-Laws to the room to spend some time with us before the baby was born.  We talked, watched movies and watched the clock tick by.  My Mom stared at me in amazement because she had my sisters and I without epidurals, and she kept saying that once she saw how I was once having the epidural, she could kick herself.

I was checked around 3pm and was about 7cm.  They guessed that I would deliver around dinner time.  So, my Mom decided to head back to our house about 15 minutes away to let the dogs out and be there for the birth, and my In Laws headed to see a movie at the theatre down the street.

Chris and I decided that we should try and nap before the baby came to have a nice rest in before the chaos.  So, we closed our eyes and within 10 minutes, I began feeling the contractions again and started to breathe through them again on top of the epidural.  I told the nurse that I had the urge to push, and she told me that she just checked me and I wasn’t ready to go yet.  At that very second, my OB walked in and saw how I was breathing and decided to check me again after I told him that I needed to push.  Sure enough, I was 10cm, completely effaced and ready to rock!

Chris called my Mom and his parents to return to the hospital ASAP.  (My Mom had only made it to our front door when Chris called her to return!)  After the OB asked me for a trial push, he guaranteed that the baby would be born within 20 minutes!  They began changing the room around for delivery, and I remember the excitement hitting me all at once.  I was going to be a Mom in a matter of minutes!  I was jumping out of my skin with anticipation.  As I prepared myself to start pushing, my room phone began ringing and my cell phone began ringing.  My sisters were calling to see what was happening and to see if the baby was born yet.  Chris kept hanging up on them and told them that I was pushing and to wait for us to call.  Even in the excitement, it was really funny!

Chris was a fabulous labor coach.  From the beginning, he was there rubbing my back, getting me ice chips, saying encouraging words, and just being very supportive.  Looking at him and listening to him, I would believe that I could walk on water if he told me that I could.  God blessed me with one of the most wonderful men on the planet!

Within 20 minutes of pushing, Jack Curtis was born at 3:49pm.  He looked so big when they laid him on my chest, and I couldn’t believe that he fit in my belly!  While the OB was fixing me up, I told him that I can not wait to have another one.  We thought he was going to fall on the floor!

Mommy & Jack

It was by far one of the most wonderful days of my life, and I am so fortunate that I was able to experience it the way that I did and to come home with a happy, healthy 8lb, 13oz 20.5 inches long baby boy.

Chris, Jack and I after arriving home for the first time


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