Additional First Birthday Party Photos

Per several people’s requests, here are additional photos from Jack’s First Birthday Party and additional information for Announcing a Miracle.

The balloon wreath on the front door

I got the balloon wreath idea from with a complete tutorial listed.  Believe me, I am not a crafty person in the least, and all I needed was instructions, and off I went.  My progress was posted on Twitter @Mallaidh and while watching TV a few nights, it was completed.  I used approximately 220 balloons on the wreath.

Birthday party cookies

I made these cookies on and off the week of the party.  I made the icing from a container of icing and adding small teaspoons of water until it became a very smooth and “liquidy” texture.  Four squirt bottles and some food coloring later, we had some pretty cookies!  (Dough was from Sam’s Club economy sized Pillsbury sugar cookie dough)

Jack with his birthday balloons


I picked up two arrangements of balloons from Mainsource, a grocery store down the street.  The balloons were cheap, maybe $8 total for everything and were by far Jack’s favorite thing about the party.

Some of the decorations

Thrilled doesn’t describe how I feel about the party pack that Pam from Announcing a Miracle made for me!  Because of my crazy schedule and the lack of a fully functioning printer, I asked Pam if she could print and assemble the pack for me when she mailed it.  (Yes, I did pay extra)  For me, it was the best gift I could give myself for this party!  She thought of the little things like grosgrain ribbon to string between the birthday banner and the perfectly tied ribbons on the hanging tags.  Perfect all around!

The birthday boy!

Jack’s outfit for the day was simple.  The shirt was ordered from ALM Designs on  She was great!  The shirt was custom made by her, sewn in and will (hopefully) last him until his second birthday.  Jeans from Baby Gap, shoes by Stride Rite.

I used to make a First Year Photo Book for the partygoers to look at while they talked and I also included a pen with the book so that they could each write a message for Jack to read when he is older.  It was easy, cheap and a big hit!

The whole family

We had a very fun celebration, and I was thrilled that my sisters and my Mom were all there to celebrate with Jack.  It was also my Mom’s birthday, so we sang to her and Jack.  And yes, that is icing in my hair and on my sweater.  Jack loved every minute!


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