Mo Anam Cara

I swear that I won the jackpot when I married Chris on May 17, 2008.  Born and raised for a short time in the Bay Area in California, I think he inherited the notorious “laid back California attitude” that I had heard people mention.  The house could be on fire (God forbid), and Chris would take a breath, tell me to calm down and to follow him as he carried the baby and the dogs out the door.

Since my Mom’s grim diagnosis with Stage 4 Cervical Cancer, he has been there for her and for me no matter what we needed.  The truth is, I can’t say enough great things about him.

So, what does the subject line mean?  Mo Anam Cara literally translates to My Soulmate in Gaelic.  I had suggested engraving it on the inside of our wedding rings when we were getting married, but Chris said that he didn’t need the phrase to be in his ring to know its true.  God, I love that man!!

Chris and I on our wedding day


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