The Baby Fever? I Haz It

Yep.  Consider me infected again.  I’m dosing up on prenatal vitamins, perusing the Gap Maternity site, telling Jack how little he used to be, and beginning on the road of becoming batshitcrazy (thanks for the word, Heir to Blair) for a second baby.  No, I am not pregnant again, but I am absolutely sliding into the delirium that is baby fever.

Look at this little freshly baked baby!  Who wouldn’t want another one?

Look at that little face!

The only problem?  Well, actually, there are multiple problems.  I can make a really lengthy list explaining all of the reasons why we cant get pregnant again for at least several months, but my body just keeps telling me that its time again.

However, it is very difficult to deny Mother Nature her right to tell me that internally, I am prepared and ready to go, but my current situation tells me that I can’t.

Chris and I have always said that we would like to have at least 3 or 4 children, and I know that I still have time before I hang up my maternity pants for the last time, but denying this urge just seems so…so…wrong.

My Mom explained the other night that she never thought about it before she got pregnant again.  She and my father just made it work with what they had and it all came together in the end.

Two of my major hesitations are that we haven’t yet sold our house or purchased a new one.  For now, we are still paying a mortgage for our old house in Philly until it sells and currently living with my mother.  My second hesitation is that I have not been able to find a job just yet.  I have a few interviews, but in order to receive maternity leave benefits, I must be a full time employee for a company for at least 1 year (Read: 3 months + pregnancy) before I could receive benefits for the next baby.

Looks like the baby train is going to have to wait because I still have a few stops before I can get on.  For now, I will enjoy my time with Jack as my only singleton.

Jack and his little sweet smile


2 thoughts on “The Baby Fever? I Haz It

  1. baby fever is rough isn’t it???? 😉 I would say CJ and nathan are 3 years 3 months apart and while we were hoping they were closer in age, it turned out it was a really convenient time to have a baby. With CJ being over 3 he was potty trained, talking, dressing himself, feeding himself, able to express what he needed AND he was able to be excited about getting a brother or sister. It will work out whenever jack ends up becoming a big brother will turn out being perfect 🙂

    • Yes, it is rough. I just wish that I could snap my fingers and have everything figured out, but alas, no dice. We are thinking maybe sometime in 2012, but who knows?

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