Embarking on a Cloth Diaper Journey

Today is the first day that I will truly begin cloth diapering Jack!  I have been using gDiapers since Jack was about 6 months old, but I was only ever using them with the flushable/compostable inserts.  They have been great and easy to use and are compact for travel and convenient.

When I started with the little gPants, it was summer, so you would see Jack playing and cruising around town like this:

Look at that little fluffy bum!

Sorry for the junky photo.  It was before my Nikon days.  🙂

The ease of using the flushable inserts was my selling point on gDiapers over many other great CD brands.  I liked that if we went somewhere for a weekend, I didn’t have to make the host uncomfortable by asking if I could constantly wash my CD inserts or have a heaping pile of cloth inserts to bring home.  I could just bring my disposable inserts and either flush or toss the mess away.

Another great thing about gDiapers?  Their customer service!  I just love them!  They have a great FAQ and video page on their site to help newbies like myself learn how to properly use their products.  After reviewing a video about properly disposing of the flushable insert, I realized that I did not have a swish stick.  So, I searched my g materials and packaging and was unable to find a stick.  So, I e-mailed them to see if I missed something or if it was an item that was sold seperately, and they were gracious enough to mail me a new one!  YES!  Turns out, they do come in the two packs of gPants, which I had purchased, but someone may have removed the sticks prior to me purchasing them.

So yesterday, I gathered my coupons, gift cards and Jack and we headed to Babies R Us to get a few size large gPants and for the cloth inserts.  The cloth inserts are very soft and seem very durable.  The price for the inserts (6 inserts for about $26.00) was a little steep in my opinion.  I purchased 12 inserts, but will begin with 6 to make sure that I like them before cracking open the other box.

As of now, I have 5 size medium little gPants and 3 size large gPants.  He’s right in between the medium and large right now, but the cloth and disposable inserts work for both sizes.

I’m not going to lie.  Part of me is hesitant to go the cloth diaper way for fear of those oh-so-outrageous-diapers-that-we-cannot-speak-of.  Chris is also hesitant for that reason, but I feel like I truly do need to give it a try.  The worst that can happen would be a bath in the middle of the day or a quick wash of our changing pad.  On a side note, I loathe our changing pad.  It’s cold on his skin, he cries, and then I end up changing him on the couch instead.  Most days, I just go right for the couch because it is easier.

This morning, we were not prepared with the diapers after he woke up, so after his morning nap, we will be ready to rock and roll!  Here goes nothing!


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