My Little Sunshine

This morning, I woke up to the dogs barking and Chris chasing them downstairs to get them to be quiet as not to wake the house.  Not necessarily the best way to wake up, but there was not a peep over the baby monitor from Jack.  So, I pulled my fat ass body out of bed and head downstairs to greet the cleaning lady.  (Yes, my Mom has a cleaning lady and it is freaking awesome!)

Sidenote: I clean this house all.freaking.week.long.  She comes once a week and gives it the deep clean and I love her for it.  Once Chris and I are back in a house of our own, I absolutely need her to come and clean maybe once a week or every other week for us.

I greet her and give Chris a kiss goodbye.  My morning habit does not involve coffee.  Read: I do not drink coffee.  At all.

This morning, I could have used an additional 3 hours of sleep, so I am having trouble getting myself up and moving.  So, I grab the paper and peruse the obituaries and the front section and within 30 seconds, I hear Jack saying Dada and Mama in the monitor.  There’s my cue.

My feet hit the steps and I literally run up them as fast as I can.  I come to a dead halt in front of Jack’s door and take a listen.  (He is usually throwing his bluffers on the floor and taking to Charles, his teddy bear.)  The door slowly opens, and Jack immediately stands up with a grin from ear to ear.  He exclaims, “Mama!!!”  As I reach the crib, his hands go up and he starts squealing with delight.  We pull up the shades and I sing, “Oh Mister Sun, Sun, Mister Golden Sun” for him.  He kicks his legs and grabs my face.  God, I love these moments!

That is the only dose of happiness and caffeine that I need in the morning.  Pure, unaltered Sunshine from my little guy.

My little Sunshine


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