A Toddler and His Meatloaf

My sister lives in Brooklyn and comes home to visit every couple of weekends.  When she arrives, she usually has her goldendoodle, Meatloaf in tow.  When she comes home, Jack absolutely falls head over heels with her and Meatloaf all over again.  Meatloaf comes bounding into the house and Jack chases him all over the house.  Don’t get me wrong, Jack loves his little dogs, Killian and Bailey, but once this 60 pound dog comes waltzing into the house, he just wants to throw himself all over him.


I mean, he is a big cuddling oaf, but watching the smile come over Jack’s face and the squeals when he plays with him are enough to make the coldest winter snow melt.  He brings toys over to share with him and lays with him while they watch TV.  Meatloaf never even bats an eye.

Can you just see the love?

They act like lifelong pals.  Jack will walk backwards to be able to sit on Meatloaf’s head.  And that dog, never flinches.  He just takes whatever abuse, loves, hair pulls, ear pulls or screaming that Jack throws at him.

Playing with Meatloaf

All the toys in the world wouldn’t make him as happy as he is with my sister’s dog.  I just wish that they lived closer.


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