Stepping Out Saturday- Week 1

My family went out on Saturday night for my sister, Colleen’s birthday.  We went to a local Italian joint and settled in. Unfortunately, my Mom started to feel ill after we ordered our dinner, so she headed home early. Nonetheless, we all enjoyed our dinner and shared some laughs with each other.  It was nice to spend some quality time and celebrate my sister’s 27th birthday.

Chris, Jack and I at dinner

We so rarely get a decent shot of the three of us, so I am thrilled that this turned out so well.

Jack was wearing:

Red sweater- Ralph Lauren Polo

Denim (not pictured)- Baby Gap

Shoes (not pictured)- Stride Rite

My sisters and I at dinner

In order, Me, Colleen and Kate.  I can only give account to what I was wearing at dinner, although I do know about 90% of what Colleen was wearing.

Necklace- Tiffany & Co. (My push present from the Hubs)

Black shell- Banana Republic from 4 years ago

Grey cardigan- J.Crew

Black skinny pants- Minnie pants from J.Crew

Boots- Banana Republic from about 4 years ago

Can you see that we are related?

Linking up this post to Mandy at Harper’s Happenings for her Stepping Out Saturday because I am too dumb to know how to add her button.


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