Elmo at a Premium

Elmo’s Green Thumb, aka Sesame Street Live is coming to our town in early March and tickets go on sale this Saturday.  Like a good Mom, I wanted to take Jack to see the characters that he dances to every morning after breakfast.  Chris and I talked it over and decided that we would both take Jack to see the show.

I remember going to see it as a child with the magic and excitement of seeing Big Bird in person.  It absolutely made my year.  My Mom would get us dressed up in our dresses and Mary Jane’s with white tights in our Sunday coats.  We always felt so special walking in there to see our childhood idols.  During the show, my sisters and I would be dancing in the aisles to the music and my Mom would just enjoy the twinkling in our eyes as we watched Big Bird, Elmo, Bert, Ernie, Oscar and the gang dance and play on stage.

The bottom line is that when I logged onto the computer to see about the tickets and sections available, my mouth dropped as I read the price for the cheapest nosebleed seats in the whole arena.  $66 a ticket.  $122 for 2 adults to take their toddler to see a 1+ hour long show.  I immediately triple checked the whole site to see if there was a clerical error and the computer was only showing the best seats available.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

In today’s economy, we were willing to splurge $60 for two of us to take Jack to see the show, considering that I am not working right now and we are still paying a mortgage on a home that we don’t live in.  But $122 for 2 parents to take their child and seat them on their laps is asinine.

Right now, it is undecided about whether or not we will be splurging to take him to see the show, but I just feel like the Sesame Street creators are getting a little greedy and stepping over the line.  Yes, they lost essential government funding and they rely on telethon support, but don’t take it out on the hardworking families who support Sesame Street in other ways.  We have a few Elmo DVD’s, toys, books, etc… with all proceeds going to support SesameStreet.org.  People purchase and support things according to their means.

If we don’t end up going to the show, we will try for a family trip this summer to Sesame Place, provided that they are not charging $500 per person for admission.


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