Sometimes I Just Want to Live in Song Lyrics

While reading my friend Pam’s blog today, she had a playlist running and a song came on that I heard last summer that I absolutely loved.  So, I jumped on iTunes, bought it and have been listening to it all day today.  It got me thinking that the world would be such a better place if everyone could just live their lives according to song lyrics and beautiful music.

Such beautiful things are listed in songs if you just take a minute and listen closely.

I vividly remember trying to choose a song for Chris and I to dance to for our first dance at our reception.  So, we pulled out our laptops and scoured songs and lyrics until we found the perfect song.  Only “the perfect song” didn’t really have the most lovey dovey lyrics that you could imagine.  Our song talked about heartache and falling in love.  So, why would we choose it?  We had always loved the song itself, and when we were dating, we found ourselves waiting and hoping to fall more and more love with each other.  The song, to us, just made sense.  (Our song was David Gray’s “This Year’s Love.”)

Although much of our music in the car nowadays consists of Raffi, Sesame Street and Disney songs, I still find myself listening intently to the beautful lyrics sung in each song.  My example, “Baby Mine” from Dumbo.  Today, Jack and I were driving home from Wegman’s and I found myself crying to the lyrics as I sang them to my sweet toddler who was nodding off in his carseat.  The love that the mother Elephant had for that baby crossed through the steel bars and meant everything in the world to little Dumbo.

We remember the happy songs with friends, concerts with our favorite people, and the music that seems to flow throughout our lives.  The music, for me, seems to make the memories.

And tonight, while listening to “You and I” by Ingrid Michaelson, Jack and I broke out into an impromptu band/dance party.  We played our maracas, the tambourine, and Jack did lead kazoo as he danced.  I never even reached for my camera because we were having so much fun playing along to this song.  Near the end of the song, the music stops, and Ingrid & Co. begin singing a cappella and start stomping and clapping.  Well, that little musical toddler drops the kazoo and starts clapping along too.  This memory is now buried deep in my brain to always be celebrated as a great time with my son.  The love that I have for that child is insurmountable.

The next time that you are driving to work, listening to a singer at karaoke, or dancing your socks off at a wedding reception, think about the lyrics and how beautiful they really can be and the memories that you are making with these songs.  Some things just click, and this was my revelation tonight.


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