Two Years Later and Still a Miracle

In January of 2009, Chris and I were still on cloud nine.  Married a little over 8 months, happily living in our house outside of Philadelphia and preparing for the exciting new year ahead of us, our world was rocked to the core.

My Mom had surgery on her ureters 2 years ago this month, and while the surgery was being performed, they found a large amount of cancer in her body.  The cancer was eventually determined to be recurring cervical cancer and she was now in stage 4.  What determines stage 4?  The cancer has spread beyond the origination point of the cancer into other organs and tissues, particularly the lymph nodes.

When sitting down with her oncologist, he reviewed her diagnosis and her survival rate with the family.  6 months was the time estimate for someone who was at this stage.  Her cancer began in her cervix and went all the way up to her neck on the left side.

The first thing I did was jump on the internet and start reasearching as much as possible.  Sloane-Kettering, Fox Chase, The Women’s Cancer Center, stats, treatments, chemos, everything.

It became a mission for me to find something for her.  To save her life.  To keep her with us.

A year and a half after her grim diagnosis, she is hanging on with us and not throwing in the towel.  We are willing to try new drugs, treatments, etc… and so far, nothing has worked.  We are still trying though.

I am so thankful to still have her around to spend time with her, listen to her stories, watch her play with Jack and give him his bottle, and to learn from her.

No doctors will speculate any longer about her stay with us here on Earth, but they do all say the same thing.  She is a walking, talking miracle and I am so thankful to still have her around.

Mom on Christmas with her refurbished Gucci from the 1970's


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