Weekend in Philly

We spent the past weekend down at our house in Philadelphia.  We pulled up to 19 inches of packed (and heavy) snow in the driveway.  After dining on a pizza dinner, Chris set out to begin shoveling the driveway and our sidewalks.  Unfortunately, I can not help him because of the slipped disc in my neck and we only have one shovel.

Jack was so happy to be home.  He ran through the living room and the kitchen and almost immediately began opening cabinets and closing them.  He pulled out some of the toys that we keep down there and was walking around and saying “Wow” to everything that he looked at.

His favorite part of coming back to his home was the steps.  He wanted to go up and down the steps the entire time that we were there.

Although we enjoy being with my Mom, I do have to admit that it was nice to be back in our own environment.  We did things the way we used to do them and enjoyed having a little break from the craziness of pills, doctors, phone calls, running errands, and the dogs.  Jack was able to roll around on carpet instead of hardwood and sleep in his crib in his room.  All are small things, but all are things that we didn’t realize that we missed about the old house.

Visits with neighbors, dinners and lunches at some of our old favorite spots really put smiles on our faces.

Jack also had an opportunity to have a mini-playdate with our friend’s son Dylan.  The two boys, just a few months apart in age, had a blast playing with trucks and toys.  It was great to see the parallel play between them, but Jack truly loved playing with someone his own size.

Dylan & Jack playing

Jack giving Dylan bunny ears

Although we are trying to sell the house, it will be sad to close that chapter of our lives.  That is the first house that we owned, the house we were in when we got engaged, got married, brought our first baby home to, etc…  I’m glad to know that it will hopefully be all of those things and more for the next person/people who buy the house.  It’s amazing how some walls, windows and a door can contain so many beautiful memories.

Jack and his cookie


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