The Best Things About Home

You know the feeling.  You pull up to the house and open the car door, and the smells from your childhood come pouring into your car.  You walk up the familiar walkway and into the front door that you have entered countless times before.

You sit on the couch that used to be the hangout for friends, the place you would camp out in front of the TV when you were sick, and the place that you used to curl up with a good book on a cold winter day.  The feeling?  There is nothing like it.  You are in your purest form and soaking up every single second of home just brings back a flood of memories of your childhood.  First dates, proms, family dinners, game nights; they all come in a wave.

My favorite things are the initial hug and kiss from my mother, although I am now second in line to Prince Jack, and the happy feeling in my soul that I am home.  Truly home.  The great thing about now is that I get to experience this feeling every single day since we are now living with my Mom.

I still cherish every hug and am reminded of the awkward prom photos on the front porch and pictures in front of the azaleas.  I am reminded of walking down the path to the limousine and finding that a bird just pooped all over my wedding dress.  (I was calm and a baby wipe took it off without a circle stain.)  All of these little thoughts and feelings are the lyrics that I would sing in “My Favorite Things.”

I just love being home.


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