Liverpool/Superbowl Sunday

We had a relaxing Sunday this week.  Mass at 10:30am, Chris went to class and then his Friendly Sons meeting.  Jack went down for a nap and my Mom offered to stay home with him so I could get some time in with Colleen.  I love when she comes home from Brooklyn!  She and I headed for Target for some items and TJ Maxx and some girl talk.  Side Note: Although I love taking Jack with me everywhere I go, I never realized how much faster I can run errands without having to bring the cart cover or the stroller, etc…  I was flying!

As a new family tradition, we put Jack in his Raiders shirt and prepped him for the Liverpool vs. Chelsea game.  (We are a family of former soccer players and soccer fanatics.  Chris more than me, but we definitely enjoy the games)  Chris and Colleen put on our Liverpool jerseys and we started cheering like lunatics.  Also, note to self: Get Jack a Liverpool jersey.

Jack and Aunt Colleen

As usual, Liverpool won and we celebrated with pizza, beer and some wings.

Aunt Colleen, Jack and Daddy rooting for Liverpool

The Superbowl game came on and I tuned out.  The only reason why I remotely like Superbowl Sunday is because I won’t hear a thing about football for the next 6 months.  Thank.  God.  So, Jack and I played on the floor with toys while everyone watched some men run into each other at full speed.  Good times.

My two handsome guys

We also realized that we never get too many family shots, so we tried to get a few shots in before my sister went back to Brooklyn.  Jack wasn’t having it.  Since he has started walking, he has no patience for being held or for being still for a few seconds for a photo.

Instead he wants to get down and play with Meatloaf and sit on him.  He absolutely loves that dog, and much of his day was spent playing with Meatloaf.

Jack and Meatloaf

Just a great weekend with family watching soccer games, football games and playing with Jack.  There is nothing better!


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