A Snow Day Play Date

We had yet another snow day, so instead of suffering from cabin fever, we took a little drive over to a friend’s house for a playdate and a few beers.  Also, funny story about the beers…

I called my friend Erin to see what she and her children were up to, and when she told me that they had no plans and that the boys should play together, Jack and I jumped in the car and headed on over.  I asked what I could bring, and the consensus was that I should bring a 6 pack of beer.  So, I headed over to the local mini-mart for a sixer of Miller Lite.

I ran in and out in a matter of a minute or so, and as I was exiting the store, a local news crew stopped me (toddler and beer in hand) and asked me if I would be willing to speak with them on camera about the snow, ice and my plans for the day.  Looking nothing like Mom of the Year, I politely declined and told them that I was late to my destination.  Just to be sure, I watched the 11pm news to make sure that I wasn’t secretly taped and shown to look like a dead-beat Mom.  (Truth be told that I never drink during the day, and my friend Erin and I only ended up having a beer or two while the kids played)

Playing with Ryan

Jack loved playing with Ryan.  They played with trucks, talked to each other, shared snacks, and stole toys from each other.  It was fabulous!

On the Move

Ryan is two months younger than Jack and has not started walking yet, but that never slowed them down.  Both were on the move and never stopped to take a break…until they found that they were in toddler jail.  We had a few screams to get out, and they were back to getting into everything that they could find.

Yelling to be let out of toddler jail

Sometimes I swear that Play dates can save people’s sanity.  Especially during snow storms!  🙂


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