Coloring at 13 Months

On Monday morning, Jack slept until 9:00 and once he finally got it together and had some breakfast, I decided now was as good a time as ever to try coloring.  Out came the new white paper, crayons and special “toddler crayons” from Crayola.  Jack’s eyes widened as I handed over the colorful animals that held the triangular crayons that he would color with.  I pulled out one of the regular crayons from the box and drew on my white sheet of paper to show him the process.  Within seconds, he grabbed the animal crayons and started putting crayon to paper.  Giggles ensued and so did an occasional  soft spoken “Wow.”

Checking out the new crayons

The plan was to make Valentine’s Day cards for Daddy, Grandma and PopPop and one for Grammy.

Thinking about his next move

Three sheets of paper and some coloring later, our cards were finished, and it was time to pack up our supplies.  And thats when the tears started.  Big.  Fat.  Tears.  He didn’t want to stop coloring, but with the pieces of green crayon that I eventually found in his mouth, I decided to end the fun early.


The best part about coloring with a 13 month old?  He enjoyed seeing the color from his crayon go across the paper, and when he missed the paper and colored on his high chair tray, it was washable and came right off.  A lapse in judgement almost brought out finger paints, but I thought it would be best not to make myself crazy yet.  😉

Toddler crayons and artwork

One thought on “Coloring at 13 Months

  1. go for the finger paint 🙂 WHY NOT 🙂 check out my “pumpkin painting” post some day LOL

    Love these crayons thanks for reminding me I have some stashed away from when CJ was small!!

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