Jack: 14 Months

Although it is cliche to say, I am just shocked to see how fast the time is going.  14 months.  Fourteen months.  It makes me wonder how long I can still count your age in months.  You have already accomplished so much.  Turning pages of a book, making car sounds as you push your cars across the floor, crawling, walking, talking.  Just to think how small and hopeless you were this time last year to the independent toddler that you are now blows my mind.

You have 8 teeth already and are cutting your two left molars as we speak.  You are still pretty pleasant for cutting two molars at the same time, but you still have your days when all you want is for your Mommy to hold you.

Being home with you has been the most wonderful gift of all.  I realize that it is not something that will be forever, but I am soaking you up every minute of every day.  You are just so sweet and easy to be around and I love watching you experience everything around you.

I saw on another Mommy’s blog that she records the Baby Center Milestone Chart each month for her children.  I think its a great way to show you what you were doing and at what ages.

14 Month Milestones:

Mastered Skills: (what most kids can do)

  • Eat with Fingers- You have been feeling yourself pretty well since about 9 months, maybe even 8.
  • Empties Containers of Contents- Boy, and do you ever!  All of the blocks, shapes, toys that are put away are right back on the floor a few minutes later!
  • Imitates others- You absolutely do.  What Mommy or Daddy do is usually what you are mimicing.

Emerging Skills: (what half of kids can do)

  • Toddles well- Yes, you have come full circle on your walking and are just starting to try and run
  • Initiates games- You especially do this in the morning with your blankets in your crib for a quick game of peek-a-boo!
  • Points to one body part- Yes, but you prefer to point to it on Mommy.  Particularly Mommy’s mouth
  • Responds to Instructions- Just a few, but you do.  (ie. Put the toys in the basket, Give Mommy a kiss, Don’t sit on the dog.)

Advanced skills: (a few kids can do)

  • Use a spoon or fork- You can use a spoon to a certain extent, but you are slowly improving.  A fork though, you put the food on the end and take it off with your fingers and put it in your mouth.
  • Matches lids with appropriate containers- We don’t have lids for something, but you occasionally put the right shape in the right hole.
  • Pushes and Pulls toys while walking- Absolutely.  You stop, pick things up, kick a ball, push the lawnmower, pull the dog on the leash, etc…

So, my sweet, smart boy, we will see what next month brings.  I am already so proud of you!



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