St. Patrick’s Day Countdown!!!

St. Paddy’s Day is a HUGE deal in this house.  Being Irish American myself, I was practically raised in a bar with a pint of Guinness in hand.  Well, not really, but we did go to the St. Patrick’s Day parade in town and spent the day in the bar and ballroom with my parents.

My father was a Friendly Son of St, Patrick and would march with us in the parade through the center of town.  My Mom would have us dressed from head to toe in green and our Irish sweaters with plaid kilts and every “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” blinking button that you could imagine.  We would march and dance along with the bagpipes and the Irish stepdancers and run for candy as the rest of the parade went by.  We would run through the bars while singing all of the songs the Irish band would play while grabbing plastic green hats and handfuls of green potato chips.  To this day, it is still one of the family’s favorite holidays.

Last year, we brought Jack to his first parade.

Jack at his first St. Patrick's Day parade

Cutest. Thing. Ever.

Little Irish Bum

The 20 bagpipers that filled our private room lulled him to sleep and he truly loved seeing all of the people march.  He was our little leprechaun that day and brought many smiles into the room.

Since my father passed away almost 20 years ago, we try and hold up tradition of going to the parade and stopping by to see all of the Friendly Sons and share in great stories of my father and how much he loved his girls.

This year, Chris has joined the Friendly Sons and will be joining these men in their celebration.  Proud and humbled don’t even cover how thrilled I am that he has chosen to join.  And no, it’s not just a drinking club.  They raise money to help the less fortunate through many of their fundraisers.  We made plans to deck out the Bugaboo with Irish flags, an Irish blanket and Jack decked from head to toe in Irish gear and he would march with his father this year.  Due to a scheduling conflict, it is looking like they may miss marching this year, but we will be able to join in the afterparty.  However, each year following, Chris and Jack and any other future children will proudly march with their father in the parade.

To begin preparations for St. Paddy’s Day, I have gathered/ordered all of the things that we would need to make for a successful day.  Jack’s Irish sweater has been purchased, his shamrock turtleneck has been bought, shamrock socks, Irish flag, etc… are all set for the big day!  Target usually has a ton of other stuff in the dollar bins leading up to the big day, so we will be sure to raid those as well.

I have my Irish sweater ready, and Chris’s outfit for the Friendly Sons has been ordered and should be here any day now.

The excitement is building!  And we can not wait!  Only a little more than a month until the big day is here!!!!!!

What are you doing to celebrate?


2 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Countdown!!!

  1. LOVE IT!! I feel like the large population of Italian American in our area outweighs the St Paddy’s Day celebrations. Maybe I need to look a little farther or we could come HOME for the event 🙂

    • Ooh! Come home Pam! Bring the littles! Parade weekend is the weekend before St. Paddy’s Day. Scranton is on Saturday and WB on Sunday. Tons of fun, and its a great chance to go out, catch up with people and have fun! Let me know if you decide to head north!

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