Stepping Out Saturday {4}

On Saturday, we headed down to our friend’s house outside of Philly for a day of fun and a play date with their boys.  Long story short, the day itself was filled with mass chaos, shopping, planning for her 3rd baby due in July and having beers at a local ale house.  It was an awesome day, and even though I brought my camera, we never took one picture.

So, on Sunday, Jack and I were heading to Ryan’s First Birthday party, so we took our SOS pics on Sunday.  (Shh!  Don’t tell anyone)

Mommy and Jack- he wasn't into taking a picture with me

Jack was a little miserable today due to the 4 molars that he is cutting right now, so some of these pictures were completely at his discretion.

Mommy’s Outfit:

T-shirt: Gap Favorite T

Sweater: 360 Sweater from a local boutique

Denim: Target

Boots: Frye (LOVE these!!)

Jack’s Outfit:

Sweater: Ralph Lauren Polo Children

Denim: Gap Skinny jeans

Shoes: Jack Purcell by Converse

Loves playing with his cars.

And, as a special treat this week, my insanely handsome hubs is participating in SOS!

Chris’ Outfit:

Shirt: J.Crew

Belt: Kenneth Cole

Denim: Gap denim

Boots: Kenneth Cole


Hope you enjoyed our outfits this week!  🙂


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