What Would You Say?

At 14 months old, I can see Jack’s vocabulary expanding, but more than anything, he is really beginning to understand what we are telling him.  By no means is he speaking sentences or anything like that, but he is saying more words.  So far, the words that we hear on a constant basis are; night night, bye bye, Mama, Daddy, Dada, Gee (for Grammy), no (mastered this one!), yeah, and hi.

Amidst seeing this morph from babyhood to toddlerhood, I am seeing my baby boy grow right before my eyes.

This week, we decided to “test” him to see how much of what we say that he is comprehending.  When we ask him to “put the toys in the basket,” he begins picking them up and putting them in the basket.  “Give Elmo a kiss” immediately brings him to pick up his Tickle Me Elmo and give him a big wet one.  And when asked yesterday, “Where’s Grammy?”  He responded with a giggle and a point to my mother.  It is wonderful to see how much he is learning.

Yesterday, we took a trip to Philly to pick my mother up from the airport, and to bury our St. Joseph statue in the yard, and a quick stop at Janie & Jack.  (Sidenote: Janie & Jack, I do love you so.  Your Spring line for girls had my womb pining for a baby girl!  LOVE!!!)  I bought a few summer things for Jack and on my way out of the King of Prussia mall, I wandered through Nordstrom’s and back to the car.

He kept his pleasant demeanor throughout the day with a few naps in between.

When we picked my mother up at the curb, I grabbed her suitcase and put it in the trunk and she got in and gave Jack a huge kiss.  He was sqealing with laughter and kept pointing to her and saying “Gee!”  He laughed each time that she turned around and she was thrilled to see Jack again.  My mother also grabbed some “plane crackers” from her flight and shared them with Jack in the backseat.

Upon walking in the door, Jack showed Grammy that he now imitates any gestures that you make and always wants to be a “helper.”  He came in the back room, showed her his toys and said a few words for her.

After his bottle, we said that it was time to go night night, and he ran to the door and up to his crib to be put down for the night.

I am just so proud of my little guy, and we are so glad to have Grammy home again!


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