A Look at the Past

At my Uncle Bob’s wake on Monday, my cousin told me that my Uncle Bob had some things for my sisters and I that he had been saving to give to us. We immediately began thinking of the possibilities, and my first thought was the toys that were my father’s that were in my Grandmother’s drawer in her kitchen next to the cabinet where she hid her Lucky Charms cereal. My sisters and I spent hours playing with those toys. We remembered a ball thing, a shark, toy guns with holsters and a ship.

Other possibilities were thrown in the mix. Love notes from my Dad to my Mom, journals, drawings, high school memoribilia, etc…

Following the wake and the funeral, we were seated with my cousins and laughing about the crazy times that we had with my Great Aunt. Meanwhile, my Uncle Bob’s son came over and whispered that we can not leave without taking home the items that they have been holding for us.

As we prepared to leave, he brought over a small shoe box and a big plastic bag and handed it to us.

The items inside were all things that my Grandmother had saved of my father’s and they wanted his girls to have it.

We opened the shoebox to find a plastic case filled with his Cub Scouts pins, church pins, birthday pins and a tie pin. All were things that he cherished as a child.

Daddy's childhood pins and medals

We opened the bag and inside was the ball thing that we loved, the shark, the ship, the guns and holsters and something even more special. It was a bucket hat with my father’s name written in Sharpie marker on it.

My sisters and I marveled over the childhood memories in this box and the bag and I said a silent thank you to my Uncle Bob for saving these cherished items for us. Although it would have been sweeter had he given them to us, I know his smile was beaming while watching us open them and feel the love flow through us.

My father's childhood toys


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