I Do. Now and Forever

May of 2008 was one of the happiest times in my life.  The planning had come to the big day.  Our wedding day.  I remember how calm I felt about the whole thing.  Most brides get the jitters right before their wedding, so why am I so comfortable with it?

A few days before the wedding, my future in-laws were flying in, the family was abuzz with excitement, my lists were completed and there was time just for Chris and I and our families.

Thursday night, we had a casual cookout at the house with my Mom and my in-laws and Chris and I told stories of how we met, how we started dating and how excited we were for Saturday.

Following the rehearsal dinner on Friday night, we parted ways.  Chris was headed to the local hotel for the night, and I was headed to my Mom’s house for my last night as a bachelorette.

I don’t remember it being tough to fall asleep, despite how excited I was for the next afternoon.

The alarm went off at 7:00 a.m. for me to get up, get showered and head off to pick up my future mother-in-law and drive to the salon.  On the drive there, I picked up bagels and we toasted champagne to a lifelong and happy marriage.  I remember going through the checklist in my head and having a few regrets that I didn’t hire a bagpiper as I had hoped.  Other then that, the day was perfect.

Holly, who could truly be my sister, began doing my hair and careful not to tease it because it is thick enough.  About and hour and 200 bobby pins later, my hair was done and I was headed home to get my makeup on and to get dressed.  A quick stop at CVS for hairspray and more bobby pins, and I was on my way home.

The calmness was all over me all day.  We only had about 45 minutes until the photographer arrived, and I went outside with my tiara, my veil and my perfect hair and I walked the dogs.  I multitasked while they did their business and scuffed the bottoms of my wedding shoes.

I carefully did my makeup and stopped in between to run downstairs to greet the photographer.  My sisters and my mother were running in the door to get their makeup on and to get dressed before we left for the church in the next 20 minutes.

Mind you, we did not have one of the calm and memorable times of the bridesmaids and my mother getting me into my wedding dress.  It was literally the fastest that a bride has ever gotten into her dress so that we could make it outside for pictures.

As we walked out the front door, I was walking to where the photographer needed us to be as a robin above me decided to let loose.  My sister listened to my request for a baby wipe so I could remove the offending stain from the front of my dress.  We laughed and commented on how much luck we already have on our wedding day.  🙂

As the limo pulled up to the church, I remember watching guests enter and wanting them to hurry so I could marry my soulmate who was waiting for me at the altar.

After we got the OK to get out of the limo, my Mom grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze as if to say “this is it!”  My sisters asked me to slow down because all I wanted to do was sprint down the aisle to see my handsome groom waiting for me.  Cue the music and the tears as the organ boomed the entrance music for the bridesmaids as they slowly walked up the aisle.

The music changed to my entrance music.  My mother so graciously walked me towards my future husband and held my arm to prevent me from sprinting to Chris waiting at the altar.  My eyes met his, and the tears began falling.  Tears of happiness.  Tears of hope.  Tears of true love.  My excitement could not be contained, and neither could his.  We both beamed throughout the mass and held each others hand as we listened to the priest speak about how we will be united through God.

His brown hair and blue eyes gleamed at me as he fought back tears upon seeing me.  He hugged my mother and thanked her for giving me to him.  She joked and said “No returns or exchanges” and we laughed.

When the time came for our vows, we both professed our love to each other and before God.  I swear there wasn’t a dry eye in the entire church.  The whole time Chris said his vows, I remember wondering if this was real.  Is he really this eager to marry me?

We exited the church and shared a moment before all of the guests began pouring out, as we began thanking everyone for coming and showering us with their love.  I literally hugged and kissed each and every person who walked out of that church.  Our hearts were filled with so much love.

I remember feeling like I wanted to jump out of my skin and exclaim how thrilled I was to marry Chris.  The thrill is still inside me.  Upon waking in the morning and seeing him in our room or watching him play with our son; all are things that make my heart sing.

It will be 3 happy years of marriage in 2 months, and I can only hope to have a million more.

I am so lucky that he is mine

Double rainbow on our wedding day


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