Toddlers Keep Life Interesting

While my mother was in Florida last week, she left her credit card and check book just in case she needed me to pay a bill, pay the cleaning lady, etc…  So, I held onto the card and thankfully, I didn’t have to use it.

While my mother and I spoke on the phone, I mentioned this great Cuisinart waffle maker that was only $33 on  She asked me to use her card to order one for her and one for her friend as a condo-warming gift.  A few clicks later, both waffle makers were ordered and should arrive within two days.  (Thank you, Amazon Mom for free 2-day shipping!!)

After I placed the order, the card was placed on the bachelor chest in the back room as I made lunch for Jack.

When my Mom came home, she asked for the cards and I went to the bachelor chest to retrieve them.  Unfortunately, the cards were not there.  So, I did what any sane person would do.  I tore the room apart, the couch apart, moved furniture, and prayed to St. Anthony to help me find what was lost.  No dice.

A week later and after searching, praying and retracing my steps, we decided to dedicate our night to finding the cards.

Chris and I got on our hands and knees, moved toys, searched in bins, under furniture, etc…

Something was telling me to look in the armoire which houses our TV and that they may be in there.  So, I looked in our DVD collection, and Jack had taken one of his plastic Elmo letters and put it in the collection with the credit card.  I guess you can never underestimate the hiding power of a 14 month old.


One thought on “Toddlers Keep Life Interesting

  1. LOVE IT!!! Nathan is famous for hiding phones….cell phones, house phones….They ring from all over the house 🙂 assuming they still have battery power LOL

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