Sesame Street Live: Elmo’s Green Thumb

Yesterday, we finally took Jack to his first Sesame Street Live performance, and boy did he love it!  We won four tickets from NEPA Mom which was absolutely perfect!  We met with a friend and her children at Red Robin before the show so that the kids would be full and ready to enjoy the performance.  Jack’s friend Ryan was with us, and the two of them played with their balloons at the restaurant and we ate a little lunch before heading over.

Once we arrived, we got seated and our seats were perfect!  Thankfully, we did not sit in the Sunny Seats in front of the stage because at Red Robin, the character came out into the lobby to greet everyone coming in, and Ryan and Jack absolutely freaked out.  The Sunny Seats had characters coming off of the stage to greet and shake hands with the children, and Chris, Erin and I were almost positive that the boys would have lost it had the characters come near them.

Waiting for the show to start

Once the show started, the boys eyes lit up with excitement.  Bert and Ernie opened everything up for us, and the audience sang the Sesame Street theme song as we danced in our seats.

Bert & Ernie

The characters were constantly moving which kept the toddler’s attention, which was fabulous!

I was so glad to win the tickets and to be able to go with everyone.  It truly was a great thing to experience with Jack.  And…since the show, he is now saying “Mo” for Elmo!!


And it was Saturday, and I usually do participate in SOS, but our outfits were both repeats yesterday.  🙂

Enjoying the show

Daddy and Jack

And of course, Elmo found a great new home for his sunflower!

Elmo planting Sunny


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