Selling a Home is Really Tough

When we listed our home with a knowledgeable and reliable agent in July 2010 to sell our house outside of Philadelphia, we thought that the house would be shown, and we would be seated at the closing table a month or so later.  Unfortunately, we were dead wrong.

We had multiple people express interest.  Feedback that would follow would usually be along the lines of “Such a perfect home.  Move-in ready.  Please anticipate an offer from us soon.”  And then, we would hear back that the buyer decided to go with another home instead.

So many times, we have gotten our hopes up, planned the move in our minds and gotten to the point where we planned on when we could be down to pack and I would take the time to find a good storage facility until we found a home in the mountains that we could settle into.

Since July, I feel like I have been through the spin cycle and hung out to dry.  The selling process is frustrating.  Each time that the phone rings and the showing company requests a time for a showing, my heart skips a beat.  The thought that “this could be THE ONE” constantly echos through my mind.

We do enjoy living with my Mom and helping her out, and she loves seeing Jack each day (and us), but it would be so nice to be back in a place of our own with our own things and doing things our own way.

I buried a St. Joseph statue about a week and a half ago at the old house, and we are hoping that will bring us some luck and a great buyer.  And with the Spring Market mixed in with it, it should be a slam dunk!

I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in this house?!

The House

EDIT: As of 3/8/11, we spoke with our agent and decided to do a price adjustment to attract more buyers.  Here’s hoping that this is the 1-2 punch that we need to get this place sold!


2 thoughts on “Selling a Home is Really Tough

    • Thanks! We just had to adjust our asking price last night. That definitely stung a little. But in the scheme of things, it would be best to sell it and buy something bigger and better. Fingers crossed that it happens soon!

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