Changes Are Upon Us

This past year, so many different things have changed in our life.  Many, if not all, are for the better.  Isn’t that all you want for yourself and your family?  To have a healthy, close-knit and a happy loving family?  That is all I have ever dreamt of for my family.

Since August 1, 2010, I have been a happy stay-at-home Mom with my mother and Jack.  We were fortunate enough to allow for me to be home with Jack for a few months while we got settled, got our affairs in order and while caring for my mother.  I can’t begin to describe how wonderful it has been to wake up each morning, make Jack breakfast and spend the next 2 or so hours reading books, playing with Little People and playing on the digger.  Never have I had such a fulfilling and rewarding job than as a SAHM.

Chris and I have been trying to remain positive about the sale of our home, and since adjusting the price about 2 weeks ago, we have had some traffic and are hoping for an offer and to be out by early summer.  (One can dream, right?)  We have been looking around for our next home  and so far, only one has stuck out in our minds.  We have been there for 2 Open Houses and I have been up there numerous times alone to look at the house from the outside while dreaming about how we would be living there.

Recently, I have been getting calls and having a few interviews for jobs in the area, so we are hoping that an offer will be coming on the horizon.  And I am so upset to leave my sweet boy while I go to work, but in order to provide for my family and live the life we would like to live and have as many children as we would like to have, I need to get it together.

And the truth is?  I know he will be fine for a few hours without me.  I have worn the “working Mom” hat before, and I can absolutely wear it again.  It is just depressing to leave my boy.

However, if I need to make this sacrifice in order to better provide for my family and to allow us to live a comfortable life, then I am happy to do so.  I just thank God for the time that I have had at home with Jack.  I will continue to cherish every minute.


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