Steppin’ Out Saturday: Farm & Dairy Edition

In the midst of fighting whatever-it-is-in-my-belly, I actually felt like Lazarus on Sunday and decided that if I was well enough to go to mass, then I was well enough to go spend the day outdoors with my family.  (Although I am back in the throes of the stomach thing again as of Monday morning)

We had such beautiful weather (almost 60 degrees) and the girls I used to babysit for were performing their Irish step dance to benefit a local health clinic, so we packed up and headed over to see them dance.  Unfortunately, I was unable to get a photo of them dancing between trying to coax Jack to sit still and be quiet and from collecting stray Goldfish from the floor.  🙂

On a side note, there was an adult Irish step class who performed at the show, and when I say adult, I don’t mean ages 18-20.  Many of these women were in their 30’s and some even in their late 40’s!  It has always been a dream of mine to do Irish step, so maybe I will look into signing up for a class.  🙂

We were also out of milk for the house, so a trip to the dairy was in order.  Since it was such a beautiful and sunny day, we decided to see some of the new calves in the barn.

One week old calf

New calves

The new calves ranges from a week or so old to 3 months old.  And I thought newborns grew quickly!  These cows put human growth to shame!

Among the “moos” and licks all around, Jack mimicked the cows and their mooing and thought the tongues that just seemed to keep coming at us were a hoot!

We headed over to the milking barn where many of the cows were getting ready to be milked and were being whisked in from the fields.  These are mainly grass-fed cows there, so the milk, ice cream and the meat are truly organic (and local!)

Outside the barn

On our way from the barn, we stopped to see the horses and the pony as they rolled on the grass and came by the fence for a few hellos.

Looking at the horses with Daddy

Jack and Mommy looking at the horses

Mommy’s Outfit: Coat- J.Crew, Cardigan- J.Crew, Cami- Banana Republic, Denim- J.Crew Matchstick denim, Wellies- Hunter

Jack’s Outfit: Coat: Target, shirt- Baby Gap, Denim- Baby Gap, Shoes- Stride Rite

After we left the horses, we headed into the dairy for our milk and a little ice cream treat!  Jack had the vanilla with rainbow sprinkles!  He absolutely LOVED it!!!!

Vanilla with rainbow sprinkles!

The dairy had some sirloin steaks also, so we picked up two of those, our milk and headed for the car.  We were greeted by a few roosters who came to say goodbye before we left.  One crowed at us, which Jack found to be HILARIOUS!

Chasing roosters

It was just a fabulous day with the family.  Oh, and those steaks?  Everyone who had some (I don’t eat meat) said that they were delicious!  And the dogs didn’t mind some steak bones either!

Grass fed beef

Bailey with her steak bone

Oh, and there will be plenty more photos and stories from Hillside Farms this summer.  They have great events (sheep shearing anyone?) and a lot of fun and educational events throughout the year.  We love Hillside!


3 thoughts on “Steppin’ Out Saturday: Farm & Dairy Edition

  1. again so jealous you are close to hillside again 😦 We have tons and tons of local produce in south NJ but have yet to find a dairy farm!!!

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