I’m Going to Throw in the Towel

The past 24 hours have been a crazy blur.  We got the cal yesterday that my 98 year old Great Aunt Meurita fell on Wednesday night around 8pm and was found on the floor in the morning around 9am by her caretaker.  She was not able to get up, and her caretaker called us to tell us what had happened.  After phoning the doctor, he said to have an ambulance take her to the ER.  So, I spent most of my day yesterday in the ER with her until we finally got the news that the ball in her hip was broken.  Worse yet?  She would need a hip replacement on Friday.

As a coincidence, my mother had a planned procedure this morning at the same hospital for issues with her ureters, so I got up this morning with Jack and we took her to the ER.

Jack and I spent much of the day running between Aunt Meurita’s room and the OR for an update on my Mom.  Meurita’s surgery is at 2:30pm, so we are praying for her and hoping that everything is okay.

I know that God only gives you as much as you can handle, but this is capping at my limit.

Meanwhile, my Mom’s procedure went well, and I brought her home around 1:30pm.  Meurita is going in momentarily, and I will be praying like a lunatic that all is well.

In addition to this, I have to drive to Philly tonight to clean the house for the first time in MONTHS because we have another showing tomorrow!  Jack and I will be rushing down and then back sometime on Saturday.

Please say some prayers for my Mom and for Aunt Meurita.


2 thoughts on “I’m Going to Throw in the Towel

    • Thanks, Pam. She is recovering at the hospital and the doctor said that the surgery went well, but now we just have to pray that there is no infection. He also said she is unable to ever go home, which will be heartbreaking to tell her. Please keep the prayers coming.

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