Kindermusik: Zoom Buggy

We have been debating registering Jack for the Kindermusik classes because of the time that they are offered (in the morning during the week, but we weren’t sure if I would have a job and we would have to stop early).  However, we think that socialization with other toddlers his age and the exploration of music and dance are important for development.  A friend of us finally convinced us to go to a trial class to see if it is something that we wanted to get involved in, even if it is just temporarily.

So, at 11am, we jumped in the car and drove the four blocks over to the class (I was running late, otherwise we would have walked).

The class consisted of 4 other boys ages 8 months to 12 months.  Jack towered over all of them.

All in all, everyone was really nice and welcoming, but Jack spent the entire class running for the door.  He didn’t want to Zoom, go in and out the window or have anything to do with the class.  To be honest, I think he was just a little too old for it.  Even though the class is birth to 18 months, it was geared a bit more for 6 month olds and many of the activities and songs were very soft and slow.  Don’t get me wrong, I liked all of the songs, but Jack had other plans.

I will consider the 18 months – 3 year old class for this summer, but Zoom Buggy is not for Jack.

*Also, I did not get any pictures because most of the class was spent bringing Jack back to the circle from the door.  😦


2 thoughts on “Kindermusik: Zoom Buggy

  1. AWE JACK 🙂 I remember the first time I tool CJ to Gymboree. He was probably about 15 months or so and I spent the entire time being embarassed that he didnt want to participate. The teachers assured me that was 🙂 We continued to go weekly and after a few times he has a blast!! Maybe try it again??

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