Lullabies for Getty

While reading several other blogs and seeing things posted on Twitter, I came to read the story of a little girl, Getty, who is only a few months younger than Jack and who has been fighting the good fight over SMA1.

Tears filled my eyes as I read through blog posts about her trials and triumphs and I wept as I watched the video of her fishing with her Mom.  Such a strong and brave little girl who has already touched the lives of many.

Immediately I felt a longing inside of me to do something to help her.  I noticed that there is a button on the site to purchase Lullabies for Getty on iTunes where the proceeds would go to The Getty Owl Foundation, which helps to find a cure for SMA.

Since buying the album last week, Jack and I have been listening to these songs in the car, during breakfast, as we play, and I truly have to say that they are beautifully written and are becoming favorite songs of ours.

Do yourself a favor and help a little girl who is battling an awful disease and in the meantime, purchase the Lullabies album and listen to the songs with your children.

Click here to purchase Lullabies for Getty


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