Easter Celebration

This Easter has been the most special Easter that I have ever experienced.  Since September, Chris has been taking classes at our Church and finally became a Roman Catholic last night.  It has been a long process for him of classes, mass each weekend, retreats, meetings, and more.  He made the decision solely on his own, and I have to say that I could not be any more proud of him.

So proud of him!

Saturday was another day filled with errands, building with blocks and slowly preparing for the Easter Vigil mass at 8pm.

Upon our arrival to the Church, the entire parking lot was full.  There was not a space left, and it was only a half hour until mass started!

There was a full choir and partial orchestra of trumpets, horns, drums, bells and chimes who accompanied the mass and it was by far some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard.  We had decided to leave Jack at home with a babysitter because of how late the mass was and how long it was.  (Best decision ever.)

Mass began with the baptismal candle being lit and from it, each parishoner lit a small candle and held it for the beginning of mass.  There is nothing like a Church lit in the evening by candlelight.  The singing, the music, the readings, everything was absolutely remarkable.  I had chills from the music, the songs and from the entire experience.

I went up with Chris and his sponsor, Randy and stood as his Godmother as he was baptized and confirmed.  I draped him in cloth, held his baptismal candle and rested my hand on his shoulder as he was blessed with his Confirmation name.  My mother cried as he received communion for the first time while I was choking back my tears as he was being baptized.  He was beaming with each sacrament he received.

A standing ovation following the sacraments and the mass for the catechumens and the candidates followed by many kind words by the parishioners to welcome him into the Church.  Such an honor to see the entire process come full circle.

Following the mass, we enjoyed some refreshments with the other newly baptized Catholics and members of the church.

Chris, Randy and Fr. Lapera

The entire process was just a wonderful experience and I am so proud of Chris!!!

On Easter Sunday, we got a lazy start because we didn’t have to attend mass in the morning, but the turkey went in the oven early, so we awoke to smells of fresh cooking turkey and stuffing.  (Yum!)

Jack's Easter Basket

Jack found his Easter basket and immediately fell in love with his lamb and the Little People that he found in the basket.  The Easter Bunny knows him well!  His Grandparents in California sent him bubbles and a bubble gun which he absolutely love.  One thing that Jack adores is bubbles!!!

Going through his basket

Presents from Pop Pop and Grandma

We got him dressed and let him play and run outside for a bit before nap time and unfortunately, he fell and got his first scrape on his knee.  No tears though.  Such a brave boy!

Exploring nature

He has two speeds: Fast & Faster

The scrape 😦

After dinner, we had a little Easter egg hunt indoors because of the rain that started shortly before noon and Jack loved opening each egg and eating the Happy Baby puffs that were in each egg.  A few had candy, but Mommy and Daddy ate those because Jack is not eating chocolate yet.

Jack's Easter Egg Hunt

So handsome!

Just a wonderful and fun day with my family!  I couldn’t ask for more!

Happy Easter from our Family to Yours!


2 thoughts on “Easter Celebration

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE Jack’s Easter outfit!!! Congrats to Chris on his big day as well!! OH…and I can’t believe jack hasn’t had any chocolate yet!!!! Nathan is a choco-holic 🙂 guess there are some benefits to having an older brother LOL!!

    • Thank you! I ended up ordering it from Strasburg Children because I was crazy for the green! It was perfect on him! And no, he has never had chocolate or candy, but Colleen did order him some special sugar cookies for his basket. I’m sure he will have chocolate sometime soon. 😉

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