Spring Days

For the past two weeks, we have been in hyper speed mode and things are finally starting to slow down a bit.  My Great Aunt has her hip replaced a little over a week ago and was moved to a rehabilitation home to begin the long process of getting back on her feet.  The doctor assured me that she is absolutely not out of the woods yet and that infection would be the biggest worry, but she seems to be getting back to her 98 year old self.

Jack and I visited her several times at her new rehabilitation center and she reminded me that Jack is tall and that no 16 month old should weigh 26 pounds.  Her suggestion?  Stop feeding him so much.  Her wry sense of humor and the candid way that she can put things gave me a sense of relief when she told me that the food there was not as bad as my cooking.  Yep, I would say that she is on the road to recovery.  She loved the hybrid Stargazer lillies that we brought her and told me that she would love some cake.  Done and done.

The next several days will be nothing short of craziness.  Jack and I will be trying a new Mommy and Me class in town this Thursday, and the Irem Shrine Circus is in town, so we will be taking Jack tomorrow night to see the animals and acrobatics.

Last Thursday, I took my Mom to the Oncologist and we had a good report.  Her counts are good, but unfortunately, there are still no new treatments available for her.  The doctor said to enjoy the time and the good days that we have, so we are!  She leaves tomorrow for a week getaway to Naples, Florida to visit with her girlfriends.  I am thrilled!

Oh yeah, back to Spring!  We spent much of Holy Thursday and Good Friday running errands, getting the things for our Easter dinner and hanging clothes outside.  Jack ran through the lines and played with the dogs as we laughed and played with bubbles.

Running through the sheets

Chasing Bailey

Spring is truly here

An after-dinner walk was in order to get a child’s sundae from Dairy Queen.

It has been great to see some warm weather, take some walks in the sun and just enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful weather!

Going for a ride


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