Exploring at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum

After our adventures in Manhattan and Brooklyn over the weekend, we let Jack run free at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum.


Upon our arrival, we were told that the art class was about to begin and headed in that direction.  The art room supervisor spoke with the children about puffy paint, “A Starry Night” and sharing with others.  Jack was less than enthused to hear that he would need to use a brush instead of his hands, so the art session ended rather quickly.

Learning about "A Starry Night"

We began around the sound station where children had the opportunity to bang on pots, play the zylophone, crawl, climb and slide their way all over the place.  Jack had fun playing hide-and-seek with Aunt Colleen and Mommy.  Daddy showed him the ropes and acted as his spotter as he slid down the slide.

Playing the zylophone


In the room over, we put Jack in a smock and away he went as he played, splashed and poured water on the water table.  This was by far his favorite exhibit as he is most interested in water at home.  And mind you, this can be any collection of water; the bathtub, the dog bowl, toilet bowl, sink…you get the point.


Love that smile!

The museum had a meet and greet next with some of the sea life that they have in-house.  Jack was still upset over leaving the water room, but quickly fell in love with the sandboxes downstairs.  He had no desire to learn or to touch the slugs, crabs and other sea creatures that were being shown just feet away.  The sand was where it was at for him.



The museum had so many things to offer for so many ages.  There was a mock pizza kitchen, a mock bakery and a mock grocery store for learning and pretend play for the older children and simple things included like a phone and plastic foods to capture the interest of the younger children.  Jack was mostly excited for the phone and for the large 20lb turkey that he kept trying to carry around.  🙂


Cruisin' with Aunt Colleen

And your total is...

Carrying the 20lb turkey

Our travels brought us back to the main play area where Jack played with more sand on the sand tables, built with blocks and jumped on the stuffed animals in the baby play area.

Block corner

Sand table

Admission was dirt-cheap and if it hadn’t been so close to nap time, Jack could have spent the entire day there.  Very clean, friendly staff and such great activities for children.  We will absolutely go back the next time that we are visiting Aunt Colleen in Brooklyn!

The family at the BCM


3 thoughts on “Exploring at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum

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    • The museum here was $7 a person, if I remember correctly. And that included the crafts, exhibits, etc… I would like to try Please Touch. And the BCM had a family yearly membership for unlimited visits for unlimited family members for $80.

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