We <3 New York

I truly consider New York City to be my second home.  The sounds of the city, vibrations of the subway, smells of burnt salt at the pretzel stands and the hustle and bustle are truly something to be experienced.

Standing in front of the New Years Eve ball in Times Square

Since we were young, my mother has been taking us into the city for plays, Broadway shows, shopping and of course, to see the sights, so when we go, we truly feel as if we are coming home again.

We came in this weekend for a visit with my sister, Colleen, the Revlon 5K, and to enjoy the spring weather amidst the fresh grass and new leaves on the trees.

On Friday, we headed to Kenneth Cole’s corporate offices where my sister works for a quick hello and to have a chance to meet her coworkers.  As we suspected, everyone there was so nice and welcoming.  Jack was thrilled to tour the place and made himself right at home.

Jared and Chris at Kenneth Cole

Aunt Colleen and Jack at KC HQ


Afterwards, we went down to the pier to check out the water, submarines and cruise ships followed by a quick cocktail while Jack napped for a bit in the stroller.

Out at the Pier (submarine behind him)

The submarine at the Pier

Yum...an $11 bottle of beer

We took it easy on Friday night in anticipation of the early wake-up call on Saturday morning.  Read all about the Revlon Womentum 5K to eradicate Women’s Cancers here.

After our 5K, we had some brunch and let Jack nap for a while before heading back to SoHo.  Chris met up with friends and headed to the new Yankees stadium to catch the afternoon game for another friend’s 30th birthday.

On a side note, if there were a contest for a free apartment anywhere in Manhattan, I would absolutely choose SoHo, TriBeCa or The Village.  Hands down.  The people, the shops, and the neighborhood feel just bring happiness to my soul.  The little local shops that can sell fun trinkets for my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day and the fabulous dining al fresco in Little Italy makes my heart sing.

First cab ride (We usually take the subway)

Following dinner with the best little date that I have ever had, we hit the hay and left that one for the record books.

My date in Little Italy

Since a lot of the weekend for Jack was spent in someone’s arms or strapped in his Maclaren stroller, we decided to take him somewhere that would be an activity just for him.  So, off to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum we went.

Just a fabulous and busy weekend with my sister and with my little family.  Such a beautiful city, and I hope that Jack can one day feel the same love and passion that his mother feels for the city.

Photo taken by Colleen's coworker

And someone had so much fun, that this was the scene in the car seat on the way home.

Passed out on the ride home


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