Jack: 17 Months

Seventeen months.  Almost a year and a half.

If I followed in Grammy’s footsteps, I would be expecting your sibling next month, but alas, I am not.

Each day you seem to be losing your little baby face and dropping the extra baby fat and rolls on your legs.  It makes me so happy to see that you are growing and maturing and that you are healthy, but a part of me is not ready to say goodbye to the baby part of you yet.  I still long to pull out the baby swing, swaddle me’s and bottles and bring you back to a time where you would cuddle, sleep in my arms and drink a bottle as if I hadn’t fed you for days.  I really miss that.

But, I am so happy to see you thriving!  You are taking on more words each day and learning so many new things!  You used a bat to swing a ball off of a tee on Friday night and did well!  Daddy was pleased and is still hoping that you will be our little left-handed pitcher!  😉  Only time will tell, and although it seems like time is flying for me, I am thrilled that you are enjoying all that life has given to you so far.

17 Months Old on May 9, 2011

Clothing: You are still wearing 18-24 months clothing, and a few things are size 2T.

Shoes: Still wearing a toddler size 6.  I haven’t had your feet measured again yet but your shoes seem to fit just fine.

Diapers: Size 4 all day and all night.

Teeth count: 4 molars and 8 other front teeth.  You are cutting your bottom right incisor as we speak.

Favorite foods: Happy Tot pouches, veggie sticks, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, chicken, turkey, carrots, grapes, bananas, ice cream…

Favorite toys: Your new Mega Blocks set from Grammy on Easter!  Each morning, you wake up and imediately grab the bag of blocks and drag it to me to open it so you can pour them out and start building.  Smart boy!

You have learned to: Take off your diaper.  You haven’t begun pulling down your pants yet, but if you are pants-less, hang on to your hats because that diaper is coming off.

Words you are saying: New words: Balloon, Moo, quack, baaa (sheep), Boo!, and woof!  (Animal sounds were all the rage this past month!)

Sleeping: Still going to bed at 8 p.m. and waking around 8:00/8:30 a.m.

Naps: Going down around 1:00 p.m. and sleeping until 4:00 or 4:30 p.m.

Accomplishments: You are gaining much more skill with feeding yourself with utensils!  Very proud!

17 month stats: (from sick visit)

Weight: 25 pounds

Height: 32 inches

You are currently fighting a nasty cold that you got when we visited New York City last weekend.  Mommy and Daddy are fighting it off now as well.  😉

Jack loves all water, and carrots, as you can see from his hands

Here are the Baby Center Milestone Stats:

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)
• Uses six words regularly – Yes, absolutely.  He is probably using up to 16 different words a day.
• Enjoys pretend games – He likes to pretend that he is calling someone (usually Daddy or Gidgi) and he likes to mimic what Mommy does.
• Likes riding toys – Since the weather is nice again, we spend much time outside riding on the Kettler trike, the play car, or the dump trucks.

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)
• Feeds doll – He doesn’t have a doll, but he does feed Mommy, Daddy or the dogs.
• Speaks more clearly – His annunciation is slowly improving.  Balloon is really sounding like balloon instead of “baaaooonnn.”
• Throws a ball underhand – He usually just throws overhand, and yes, he can kick the ball as well.  Smart kid.

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)
• Dances to music – Loves dancing to the Fresh Beat Band and has recently noticed that they use their arms to dance, so instead of just dancing with his trunk, he is also now flailing his arms.  Hysterical.  And yes…I should probably take video to show it to his senior prom date someday…)
• Sorts toys by color, shape, or size – He sorts the blocks and will sometimes just build with blue ones or just put the orange ones together.
• Kicks ball forward – As said before, yes, he is kicking the ball with no issues.

Riding in the car

Looking forward to the next month with you, little dude.  😉


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