Big Changes are Coming

I have been busy with a few things these past few weeks, including interviewing for a new full-time job!

After a three four interview process, they have decided to offer me my dream job!

We are so blessed to have this wonderful opportunity.

Jack is being registered as we speak for a local upstanding child-centered day care which will be minutes away from Daddy’s office and on our way home from work.  The rooms are bright and cheery, the playground is brand new and was constructed with recycled plush flooring, and a trolley comes occasionally and beeps at the children.  Just a wonderful place.

When Jack and I went to tour the center, he felt right at home.  As I set him on the floor, his little legs were immediately running for the toys and the other children.  As they finger painted, sang songs, read stories and played with toys, Jack was right in the mix with them as I listened to the Director about the curriculum.  He obviously was comfortable and safe there, and I felt the same way.

The new job will require some travel, domestic and international, but mostly just occasional travel.  I am looking forward to learning all about my new company and proving myself as I work my way up the ladder.  This is a wonderful opportunity, and although I will miss being home with Jack every day, I am thankful that I can help provide for my family in a different and worthwhile way.

I have very high hopes for the challenges and new things on the horizon.  🙂


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