Motown Philly Back Again

The family headed down to the old house in Philly for the weekend to plant some flowers, clean, catch up with friends and to meet with our Realtor about how the market is going.  Since it was pretty much a weekend on tour between the To Do List and everyone who was hoping to see us for the first time in a long time, we tried to just keep up with the pace.

Friday night, we got in, had some pizza and just took it easy knowing what Saturday had in store for us.

Saturday morning, Jack and I were up early and after some breakfast, we jumped in the car and headed to the Lancaster Outlets for some deals.  Banana Republic was buy 2, Get one free!  Right up my alley!

First stop?  J.Crew.  If I could make a deal to only shop at one store for the rest of my life, it would hands-down be J.Crew.  The classic styles, silhouettes, soft t-shirts and denim…I am in heaven.  My only request would be that they would make dresses and button downs for girls who are D cups and up.  Don’t get me wrong…I get my fill of D-cup bathing suits from them, but dress shopping would be easier if I wasn’t trying to fit gigantic boobs into a dress made for someone with beestings.

But, I digress.

After picking up some Crewcuts clothes on sale for JackMan and a dress and more Matchstick denim for me.  (Side note: I want to be buried in these jeans!)  We then headed to Banana to get some suits and more outfits and then finished it off with a little Baby Gap action where I bought Jack his first Superman shirt with the removable cape on the back.  That will be for this fall/next spring, but such a great deal!

We drove through the farms of Lancaster and with each cow that Jack saw, I heard a “mooooooo!” in the back seat.  What can I say?  The kid loves cows.

We then had a BBQ with our friends Eric, Erica, Briella, Adam and Katie.  We absolutely miss them all terribly.  Living here is not the same without them.  After stuffing our faces with Erica’s delicious cooking, we decided to play “The Michael Jackson Experience” on the Wii.  Best.  Game.  Ever.

Briella and Jack cuddled up and watched a show and played with toys.  A great time was had by all!

Sunday, we got up early and prepped the house for the Realtor’s visit and packed up.  A quick brunch at Kate & Sean’s new house (Yum!) and after a nap, we headed to see The Shanafelts.

We had a nice visit and were able to take a sneak peek into the new baby’s room while Bryce and Chase entertained us and Jack.

For dinner, we stopped at a local tavern on the way home with them and shared some laughs and beers and talked about the events coming up.  “Baby Johnny” (this is what Bryce and Chase are insisting on calling the new baby, but not the name) will be here in early July and we are all on pins and needles until his arrival!  Andrea looks fabulous and is ready to take on a life with three little boys.  Such a wonderful adventure!

The weekend trip made us realize how much we really do miss our friends in Philly.  Although there is some distance between us now, we hope to make more of an effort to get together and keep the friendship going.  🙂


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