A Bit of the Beach

For Christmas, Santa brought Jack a sand and water table for play in the backyard.  It was by far one of his favorite gifts and was sad to see it go to the garage for a few months until it got warmer.

When the sun and the warm weather finally arrived (like last week), I put together the table and immediately commenced a trip to Lowes for sand.  No water yet because it hasn’t been that warm, but that should be coming soon!

We are a beach family.  The waves, sand, sounds of the ocean are a part of us.  Jack has always been a water baby and loves anything to do with sand and water, as he should.  This makes the table that much more awesome.  Especially since Dewey Beach, Delaware is now a 4 hour drive away instead of a 2 hour drive.  😦

Here are some shots of Jack enjoying the sand and pretty much dumping handfuls of sand on the driveway.  🙂

One last drink before heading over


A little dog chasing

4 thoughts on “A Bit of the Beach

    • So far, so good. Jack has not attempted to eat the sand…yet. It is a fabulous toy though.

      Thanks for the info about the giveaway! I will check it out!

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