The Last Year of my 20’s

Tomorrow is my birthday.  Yep.  I will be entering the final year of my 20’s where I will be standing at the line of whether or not leggings, mini skirts, and other foreseen articles of clothing would be appropriate on my body.  The fact that I am a Mom and that I need to wear something classy, stylish, yet versatile enough to chase a toddler usually takes preference anyways.

This will be the last year of the decade where I became of age to drink alcohol, when I graduated from college, when I met Chris for the first time, married him and had my first baby.  It makes me wonder what the next decade will bring.

Hopefully we will have another home sometime soon (once ours sells) and the plan is to be cradling another newborn baby in my arms sometime next summer, so maybe there are more things in store for this last year in my 20’s.

On a side note, I absolutely love my new job and the people that I work with.  Earlier last week, they brought in a cake to celebrate my birthday complete with many sweet birthday wishes.  Lunch tomorrow with a coworker and lunch on Tuesday with two other coworkers just sweetens the deal even more!

Per usual, Chris will make my birthday even more special than it was last year.  He has always managed to find the perfect card, bring home my favorite Dairy Queen ice cream cake and make me feel special the whole day through.

This year, all of my birthday wishes have come true.  I have a wonderful and caring husband who loves me more than I will ever know.  We are blessed to have a spunky blonde-haired, blue eyed boy who loves his parents to the moon and back.  I thank God each day that I still have my Mom with us and to allow her to see Jack grow and play.  The Kindle that Chris got me doesn’t hurt either.  😉

Oh, and I forgot to mention that it is also my sister Lisa’s birthday on June 13 as well!  We share birthdays but are 14 years apart!  Happy birthday to Lisa!

Looking forward to seeing this decade end with a bang!


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