6 Months Late

Although I don’t want to use an excuse, I truly have been so incredibly busy with my new job to take time for myself and blog, which is terrible because I really do miss it. But by the time that I walk in the door after 6pm, make dinner for Jack and Chris (who are STARVING), give Jack a bath and prep for the next day, I am wiped and completely ready for bed.

We do have some additional exciting news to share….

Jack is going to be a big brother this coming June!

Jack telling the family our exciting news

This pregnancy is the polar opposite of the pregnancy that I had with Jack.  Polar.  Opposite.

It began with feeling symptoms before I even took a test!  Now that I am officially in the second trimester, I am feeling human again.  17.5lbs lost so far in the first trimester (as of yesterday’s checkup), no severe nausea and vomiting in a little over a week, and my appetite is beginning to come back.  The nausea is still here, but not as terrible as it has been.  The fatigue has been unbelieveable!  By 8pm, I am ready to throw in the towel.  It is all for a wonderful miracle growing in my belly, so I am happy to endure as we know where this will bring us in about 6 months.

12 weeks along

Jack officially turned 2 yesterday, which is still a shock.  No longer just a small toddler, but now in full-blown toddler mode.  He loves Cars, trucks, Daddy, Mom and his Mommy.  Yes, in family tradition, my sisters and I grew up calling our maternal grandmother “Mom” and although we did  not teach Jack to begin calling my mother Mom, he decided to begin calling her “Mom” on her own.

Later on today, we will be having a small celebration for Jack’s birthday with the family and a few friends.  He had his class party yesterday where we brought in cupcakes and he enjoyed his last day in the Younger Toddler room before moving upstairs to the Older Toddler room on Monday.  Daddy will have to be the one to see him off and wish him well in his new room as Mommy will be on an airplane to Las Vegas for work.

I plan to really make a conscious effort to try and keep up with the blog, beginning tomorrow following today’s party.


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