Jack’s Second Birthday- The Very Hungry Caterpillar

If there is one book that Jack asks to be read over and over and over, it is The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  He points to each food and finds the egg or caterpillar on each page.  Truly a favorite book of his.

So, we decided to theme his second birthday around his favorite book.  My friend, Pam and her wonderful Etsy store, Announcing a Miracle, was happy to help customize a party pack to go around the theme.  She did a beautiful jobs, just as she did last year with his Little Prince theme.

Birthday Banner


Cupcake toppers

We kept the party small this year (close family and a few close friends) as there was a party for my mother’s birthday the following day and my flight to Vegas for work was at 6am on Monday morning.  Can anyone say crazy weekend?!

In addition to Jack’s home birthday party, he also had a class party on his last day in the Young Toddler classroom before he moved upstairs to the Older Toddler room.  He shared Cars cupcakes with his friends and was so excited when everyone sang, “Happy Birthday.”

Jack at his class party

Some of my favorite things from his party at home were the cupcakes and the decorations.  The cupcakes, which I had totally planned on making myself but ran out of time, were from Wegman’s and they did multi-color sprinkles on the cupcake icing instead of food coloring, due to allergies.

One of the smartest things that I did was just having snacks and ordering pizza and wings later on for all of the people who came.  The kids loved the pizza, adults enjoyed beer and cocktails and we had juice boxes for the kids.  Nothing too exciting, but it gave us more time to spend with our guests and clean up was a breeze.  (This was a blessing as I had morning sickness pretty bad the day of the party.)

Everyone loved the video that I made of Jack’s second year and his Shutterfly photo book, which will both now be a tradition in our house for all of our children.

As there were very few children, and the ages were not the same, we decided against games and left the playroom open for all of the children to play with the toys.  The little ones loved playing with each other and had a wonderful time.

Jack got some wonderful gifts from everyone and had some help from his little friends with opening everything and reading the cards.

Everyone had a wonderful time and we rang in another wonderful year of Jack’s life.


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