Chatty Jack

We have a parrot in the house.  Jack is literally repeating everything that we say.  Everything.

When Chris yells down from upstairs: “Babes, did you start the wash?”  A little 2 year old voice then runs into the laundry home asking “Babes, start wash yet?”  Yes, Jack is beginning to call me Babes, so I asked Chris to curb it on the “Babes” while he is in this repetition stage.

Yesterday, we went to the grocery store, and as always, we are walking through the aisles and Jack is telling me what each fruit is, what color and counting with me as we put the cucumbers in the bag and it hit me.  He is growing up.  He is a little intelligent toddler who can now count to 11 on his own, identify the majority of colors and tries to sing along to the ABC’s with his Mommy.

He talks about his friends at school, tells us what he wants to eat and can respond and follow simple directions.

My only issue is that sometimes he can’t control his emotions when he is told “no” or can’t do something that we don’t want him to do.  We have been trying the Time Out method on the steps with 2 minutes (for his age), but he didn’t seem to understand.  We did the diverting attnetion thing, but he would usually go right back to doing what he wanted to do.

So, Jack’s teacher gave us the Turtle Technique.  God, I love this.  When they are frustrated and freaking out, you mention starting the Turtle, and Jack stops, hugs himself with his arms and takes a few deep breaths.  Once he has calmed down a bit, he is supposed to say why he was upset and the parent explains the wrongdoing.  Ours is typically for when he doesn’t pay attention, hits, or says no to us.  This seems to be working for us, and we will do it as long as it works.

We like this technique because it tries to reiterate the fact that Jack has to use his words to communicate and let us know why he is upset.  I figured that I would share because if it works for us, it may work for someone else.


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