Disney on Ice- Treasure Trove

My office was offering discounted tickets to this show, and initially I thought that it was going to be a bunch of princesses on skates, so I declined the offer for tickets.  I’m glad that a coworker told me that it wasn’t.

We took Jack today and he absolutely loved the show!  He couldn’t stop watching it and sat for the entire performance!  I’m also glad that we are spending some good quality time with Jack before the new baby arrives as everything that he has known will change this summer.

He loved The Lion King performance, the Tangled performance and Aladdin.  Sounds like we need to get our hands on a copy of Aladdin!  The Genie had him laughing out loud!

The plan is to try and enjoy as many “Family of Three” things that we can before the new baby arrives.  Any suggestions or ideas are always welcome!  🙂

Enamored by the show




Just a wonderful day with my little family.

However, going to shows like this and seeing the grandmothers with their grandchildren tugs at my heartstrings a bit.  It really breaks my heart that my mother won’t ever be able to take Jack to one of these shows, or do something just the two of them, and truthfully, he will never be able to do this with his other grandparents either as they live in California.  Things that I loved about my childhood like having sleepovers at my grandmother’s house and being able to go out for breakfast to Burger King on Saturday mornings with my Aunt Lena were things that I adored.  I just hope that Jack can have the same thing as he gets older.

Unfortunately, it seems that my Mom has taken a turn for the worst and does not really have the strength to stand, let alone taking Jack to see a show or to come shopping with us.  We just enjoy the time that we have with her.  And if anything, she would always be with Jack in spirit when he goes to a show or when we are buying the next season’s wardrobe.


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