Sunday Mornings

Weekend mornings are nothing short of the best.  We sleep in until 7am, and spend a few extra hours in jammies while we play with trucks, cars and snuggle on the couch.  I don’t even mind not sleeping in as I enjoy every second with my family on these mornings.

Winter weekends mean hot oatmeal, hot chocolate and extra cuddles under blankets while watching a movie.  I would never give these mornings up for anything.  I wait all week for these mornings!

On Sundays, we usually turn on CBS Sunday Morning around 9:30am before we head out the door to mass and then back for lunch.  Sunday seems to go quicker than Saturday in our house.

Since my job is usually crazy, our weekends are always spent grocery shopping for the week, doing laundry, cleaning, ironing, running errands and visiting with my mother, which doesn’t leave time for much else.  Maybe that is why I love these mornings so much.  They are our time to slow down and relax before the day really begins.

Drinking some hot chocolate (check out those eyelashes!)


Jack loves his Daddy




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