It’s true!  All of these symptoms, old wives tales, everything were dead wrong!  We are having a beautiful, healthy baby boy!

We went in a few days early for our ultrasound and on our way in, Chris was still completely convinced that we would be finding out that we were having a girl.  I told him that I really didn’t have a feeling either way, but that we would see in a few minutes.

Our little baby boy was happy to be tucked tightly between my uterus and the placenta, which made it extremely difficult to get measurements, pictures or to see everything.  Anything that we tried; walking, coughing, laying on my side, etc…, he was just so happy to be laying there.

We listened to his wonderful, strong heartbeat, which was 144 beats per minute, which was my first thought that we were going to have a boy.  Jack’s heartbeat was in the 140’s as well.

As the tech silently bargained with our little guy to move and he would give us some more pictures, I began imagining life at home with two boys.

Two sons.  Two little boys who love their parents.  Two boys who will be playing with trucks on the floor, talking about Thomas the Tank Engine, and showing us every bus, truck and digger that drives down the highway.

We are not finished with growing our family by any means, but the thought of having two wonderful brothers who will be great buddies makes my heart sing!

After we found out, we called our parents and told them.  My Mom said how wonderful it was to have another boy, but was too weak to say much more than that.  Everyone is absolutely thrilled!  And so begins the search for some nice new summer outfits for our new little one!

This news is absolutely something that is bringing happiness into our life, especially during this difficult time.

(Ultrasound photos to follow, once I scan them in. :))


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