Always my Valentine

Years ago, when I was in Kindergarten, I made my mother a clay heart necklace that I painted red and covered in buttons, tissue paper pieces and beads. Each Valentine’s Day, without fail, my Mom wore the necklace with pride and although I was already much older, she cherished the trinket that I had made for her so long ago. She had always told my sisters and I how we were always her Valentine’s and how that would never change.

Each year, we received a beautiful card and usually a gift from my Mom.

This year? My Mom is still my Valentine. And although I don’t need to peruse the cards at Hallmark or sit Jack down to paint a picture for her, I’m sure that she knows that she is still on my mind and on my heart.

After Jack was born, he began getting the attention on St. Valentine’s Day moreso than my sisters and I were. He would get the gifts, cards and oodles of kisses from my mother. We know that she is still with us and celebrating along with us as well. We all just wish that she was here with us in person to share in the love that we are celebrating today.

Here is a photo of my little Valentine today:



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