Party Planning…a little early

It’s not a secret that I love to plan a party.  Whether it is just to get together with friends or to celebrate a special occasion, I love to plan and throw a party.

When Jack was born, the first 6 weeks of his life were a whirlwind of doctor’s appointments, Christmas, family birthdays and all of a sudden, he was 6 weeks old and was baptized.  We didn’t really have the time to organize a formal baptism for our family and friends to attend, but this time, I do plan on having more of our family present at the little guy’s baptism.

We have an heirloom Christening gown that was worn by many of my relatives, including my mother, uncles, cousins, myself and of course, Jack.  The tradition will continue with this little one as well.  Since I apparently make big babies, I don’t have much time to plan a party, especially when I have about 6 weeks of the baby just being able to get into the gown.  (When Jack wore it, we were never able to button the top button on the back because he was already so big)

I’m already perusing invitations and for party ideas.  Anyone have any suggestions or ideas for the party?  Since it will be summer, we can just have a house party in the backyard to hold the celebration.  I’m always open to new and exciting ideas/options.  We are going to keep it to about 15-20 people, mostly family and very close friends.  There will be some kids, but mainly adults.  Looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say!


2 thoughts on “Party Planning…a little early

  1. i know a great place to get your invitations 😉

    My cousin had a summer baptism for her son and they did a brunch in the backyard! Her home is beautiful but not very big so she set up tables with tablecloths and all in the backyard and it was perfect! The kids ran and played and the adults enjoyed mimosas and pancakes with fruit and omlettes made to order. SO fun and so summery! Not sure what time of day baby G 2’s christening will be but its a thought. Have fun planning!!!

    • I will be hitting you up for those. I’ve been collecting ideas and different things that we would like to do, but now there is a new change in plans. Writing a post about it now!

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